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Millwright and Rigging

Millwright and Rigging

Van Vleet Innovation provides comprehensive millwright and rigging services including skilled, multi-trade, rigging construction and millwright solutions for all process machinery installations, building-related services and energy installation services. Our professional team provides planning, budgeting, safety coordination, project management, multi-trade construction and maintenance support. With a round-the-clock operating schedule, we are here to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Rigging Services

If you need to move, relocate or reconfigure the layout of your building, it is crucial to disassemble and transport your equipment expertly. Van Vleet Innovation offers professional rigging and millwright services to assist companies in any industry with transporting or relocating their equipment. Let our experienced team handle the coordination, planning, and the logistics of machine rigging and moving. You can have peace of mind knowing your entire project relocation is done right. Rigging services are all about having the right equipment. We have the specialized equipment, hands-on experience and expert knowledge to provide support services for all of your equipment and machinery moving needs without any trouble on your part. When you’re rigging heavy equipment a certain level of risk is involved, but at Van Vleet Innovation no matter what job we’re on, safety is our number one priority. 

Millwright Services

Van Vleet Innovation millwrights are qualified craftsmen with the expertise, knowledge and skills to ensure your machinery is installed and maintained with the utmost caution and care. Our millwrights are thoroughly trained to install, maintain and repair all types of industrial and mechanical equipment. Our team of millwright professionals are problem solvers that take pride in the ability to provide creative solutions for challenging situations. Our customer millwrighting services address your unique needs in the most effective way possible while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Technicians at Van Vleet Innovation will save your time, while protecting the integrity of your equipment. Contact us to get started.