Company - Van Vleet Innovation


Van Vleet Innovation is a consortium of independent professionals, come together under one umbrella to move your business into your next phase of being. We are an elite team of very efficient, extremely experienced and well networked industry professionals.

Mostly family, the majority of the consortium was raised on a dairy farm facing and conquering innumerable daily challenges. Agrarian author Wendell berry states of farmers as “people independently intelligent and resourceful, skilled in handwork and practical thought.” These are only some of the Van Vleet traits.

The Van Vleet patriarch grew up on a farm and became a farmer as well as trucking company owner and conveyor of cattle feeds. He is a self-taught efficiency expert which showed through in every aspect of his farm. Not a broom or shovel was out of place. Everything had a system that flowed smoothly so that a massive amount of work could be carried out easily by one family.  Many remarked that people could eat off the floors of our barn. Even his trucking life you might say was a system of logistic efficiency but he just called it being “loaded both ways.”

This system of efficiency was imprinted on the second generation of Van Vleets in the consortium which they carried into their industrial careers across many industries. Anyone who has worked with a Van Vleet anywhere in the world has experienced the same phenomena: there is always some better, faster, easier or even, more manageable and more enjoyable way to complete a task than as before.  And each one of the situations has been left better thanks to Van Vleet Innovation.

Split up and spread to the four corners of the globe, this team has reconvened with a wide range of experience all come together in one force. They’ve picked up a few other like-minded individuals along the way who also come from long lines of ingenious workaholics who get things done. They might not be family, but they fit the Van Vleet brand.

There’s even a new generation of Van Vleets coming up under that same system of efficiency, with an eye on the 4th Industrial Revolution, studying the fields of Robotics, Engineering and Psychology.

Whatever process you have, there’s a Van Vleet that has a way to make it better. That’s Van Vleet Innovation.