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Innovation Consulting

Innovation Consulting

Our Process

At Van Vleet Innovation, our process is to learn as much about you as possible, help you get a clear vision, come up with a plan to achieve your vision and then execute that plan. Here’s how we do it:

Step One: Doing to Learn

The first thing we have to do is learn what you do.  There’s no better way to intimately understand your organization than by doing what you do. Think of us as Mike Rowe from TV’s Dirty Jobs. No job is beneath us. We love to learn so we’ll ask tons of questions while we do.

Step Two: Extrapolation

While we are learning we’re also extrapolating. As we ask our tons of questions, get used to us finishing your sentences as you answer.  (You will see from this, how quickly we grasp what you do) And, quite often, we’ll give answers you haven’t even though of yet.  It’s our gift.  We see things as they should be and not just how they are by extrapolating from the data we glean.

Step Three: Vision Test

Proximity Blindness (being too close to the problem to see it clearly) is the greatest threat to innovation. Everyone suffers this, you are not alone. That’s why we’re here for you with an outside perspective. While we learn and extrapolate we also identify your blind spots.  Vision correction comes later but, while we’re learning, we won’t let you fall down any stairs either.

Step Four: The Communication Factor

In mathematics you use a conversion factor to convert information from one system to another.  With our innovation, we use a communication factor. Once we’ve done, learned, extrapolated some ideas and identified some obstacles, we will go back over everything we’ve seen, done and thought so far.  We will take everything we’ve learned about your organization and repeat it back to you in our own words AND your words, to be sure you know we’ve truly grasped who you are and what it is that you do.  From here on out, we want to make sure that as ideas and information are passed from your system to ours and back, they are fully understood by everyone involved.

Step Five: The Blank Sheet of Paper

Now, we start working on you vision! We start with a blank sheet of paper and an unlimited budget. If you could start over, knowing what you know now, how would you do it differently? If money, space and resources were no problem, how would build/make/create the perfect organization, process or facility.  What are you doing you wish you could do away with?  What have you done you wish you could bring back? How would your perfect solution work? It is here that we combine our experience with your knowledge to create wisdom.

Step Six: R.O.I. (Reality of Innovation)

In reality, you don’t have an unlimited budget and we are dealing with finite space and resources. This is where we define all the rules of than game and then challenge every one of them. With a clear picture of what your organization will become we set out how to make it reality. We will identify the limits we have to abide by and destroy the rest. Here we become more like MacGyver, doing the unimaginable with what we have to work with.  We will bring out all the R’s (reduce, reuse, repurpose, reimagine, reapplying, reinvent, reinvest) to bring the desires I: Innovation.

Step Seven: Plan

Now we’re getting serious. Words are become motion.  Your vision is happening now.  We’re making a plan and a “punch list.” We’re going over it again and again, in our heads, in conversation and on paper. There’s lots of walking and talking with our hands.  The communication factors are employed and carried out to 5 decimal places of precision.  It’s fixin’ to go down!

“I love it when a plan comes together!” –Hannibal Smith, The A-Team

Step Eight: Call in the A-Team!

Van Vleets are hands-on innovators.  We don’t just dream it, we do it! Our elite team of highly experienced innovators carries out our plans with military precision to make your vision happens.  If it’s broke, we’ll fix it. If it’s in the way, we’ll move it. If it’s too small, we’ll build it bigger.  If it doesn’t exist, we’ll invent it. And if we can’t, we know someone who can! We are your innovators, project managers, general contractors and even some sub-contractors, all in one.

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you’ve found us, you can hire Van Vleet Innovation!

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